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    Seychelles Yacht Registration

Register your boat in Seychelles

Let us register your boat or yacht in Seychelles, We are the largest boat registration company in the world and have registered more boats than any other maritime business.
We can register any type of boat in Seychelles including: sailing yachts, motor boats, jet ski’s, houseboats, RIBs, barges, commercial vessels and mega yachts. You can register your boat or yacht in Seychelles either as private use, commercial or as bareboat vessel. Let us take care of the whole registration process and we will save you a lot of time and effort in registering your boat in Seychelles.

Registering your boat in Seychelles has several benefits, including:

Legal recognition: Boat registration provides legal recognition that you are the owner of the vessel and have the right to operate it in Seychelles waters. This can be useful in case of disputes or legal issues.

Access to ports and marinas: Registered boats in Seychelles are allowed to dock and use facilities at various ports and marinas throughout the country.

Safety compliance: During the registration process, the boat is inspected to ensure it meets safety and environmental standards, which helps to ensure the safety of passengers and the environment.

International recognition: Seychelles is a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which means that Seychelles boat registration is recognized internationally. This can be useful if you plan to sail your boat in other countries.

Easier customs clearance: Registered boats in Seychelles are given a unique identification number, which can make customs clearance easier when sailing in and out of the country.

Resale value: Registered boats typically have a higher resale value than unregistered boats, as it provides proof of ownership and can make the boat more attractive to potential buyers.

Overall, registering your boat in Seychelles can provide peace of mind, access to facilities, and help ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations, which can ultimately enhance your boating experience.


  • Let us check your documents for free!
    Are you not sure if you have the correct documents to register your boat in Seychelles. Please send us your documents by email or Whatsapp and our experts will check it out for you for free!
  • Let us translate your documents for free
    Our service includes free translations of all your boat documents. This will save you a lot of money!
  • 7 days customer service in most languages
    We have call centers in 3 countries, where you can contact us 7 days a week with staff that speak; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish!
  • Guaranteed provisional within a week! (After receiving signed documents)
    We have actual staff in Seychelles and do not use intermediaries. We can therefor guarantee to have your provisional registration ready in less than a week (after receiving signed documents). This provisional registration is fully valid to use your boat.


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    Fill in our online form in just 3 minutes

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    Send us your boat documents and passport copy.

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    We submit your paperwork to the Seychelles authorities.

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    We send your new registration to you by overnight courier

What documents do we need?

In order to register your yacht in Seychelles, the documentation is very simple:

1) Passport copy

2) Proof of ownership / sale agreement

3) Payment proof of insurance coverage

4) Copy of builder’s certificate

5) Survey report

6) Radio operator license (If you have radios installed onboard)

5 – 7 days
Boat Registration

We can register your vessel and / or arrange your MMSI license.

24 Hours
MMSI License


Meet Our Experts

We have a highly experienced team who deal with the Seychelles registrations.

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